Recruiting Targeted Industry: creating a hub for innovation

Willmar is home to one of the most innovative, successful business communities of its kind in the country — the MinnWest Technology Campus.  After six years, this renovated and repurposed hub of historical buildings entered Phase III of its ambitious plan for growth, with 29 companies and over 398 full-time employees on the grounds each day.  By the end of 2014, they hope to have at least 40 companies and 400 employees.

The MinnWest Technology Campus in Phase III:  “Realizing a Vision”

The MinnWest Technology Campus has a proud history as one of Minnesota’s oldest, state-owned and operated healthcare facilities.  In 2006, after massive changes to the state’s healthcare delivery system, the 100-acre campus of historic buildings was purchased by a group of local business people.

After three years and a $6.25 million initial investment into infrastructure and improvements, the MinnWest Technology Campus began to build on their success.  They are now in Phase III of their growth plan, which is all about “realizing a vision” of achieving global recognition as a place where bioscience, technology and related companies can innovate, collaborate and succeed.  To get there, Phase III efforts will be focused on nurturing the collaborative potential of their campus community, recruiting bioscience/technology companies that are poised for new growth, and making further investments that will enhance their facilities and reputation.  Your EDC is proud to support the growth and success of the MinnWest Technology Campus.

Feedlogic Finds Success at MinnWest Technology Campus

Feedlogic was founded in 2001 and moved from the Pacific Northwest to the MinnWest Technology Campus in 2006.  The decision to relocate was made with the help and support of your EDC along with Campus staff and the Southwest Initiative Foundation.

Feedlogic is a pioneer in the development of intelligent feeding solutions for livestock producers.  They offer a series of products which combine patented hardware and software to measure production processes and execute more precisely.

Since moving here, Feedlogic has raised over $1.4 million in equity and more than doubled their full-time staff.  Drew Ryder, President and founder, says, “Feedlogic came to the MinnWest Technology Campus for the opportunity to partner with the Campus and be nearer to livestock producing customers and agriculture-savvy investors.  It has paid off.  This year, we expect to have record revenues and we are on track to reaching $50 million in revenue within 5 years.”

Steve Renquist, EDC Director, credits a collaborative effort for getting Feedlogic to the campus.  “Your EDC worked closely with the staff at the MinnWest Technology Campus and the Southwest Initiative Foundation to package an offer to Feedlogic that gave them the best possible chance for success.  It worked and we couldn’t be more proud to have them in Willmar and a part of the community of innovators on the MinnWest Technology Campus.”

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